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  1. Nikalay_Bobrov

    Крашит при запуске

    А все теперь нормально. Все дело в антивирусе.
  2. Выходит ошибка при запуске сборки! Error: ntdll.dll Problem: Difficult to know the exact reason as it is a very common Windows .dll. But it's more likely something to do with uploading files. First of all, if the crash occurred when opening the game, simply try to open it one or two more times that should work. It's weird and I still don't know why yet. But this same error can be caused by other things: Solution 1: At the end of "modloader.log", in the top line of the crash address, you will have the last file read, for example: "Loading default object types "data\maps\veh_mods\veh_mods.ide"", in this example , possibly crashed when trying to read the veh_mods.ide file, check it. If the last file was a .txd, it was quite possibly not a problem with it. Also often it can't have anything to do, as for example, if you enter a store it will appear that "shopping.dat" was loaded last, but that doesn't mean that the crash was in this file too, so be wary not sure, but still try to check them, especially if the crash was when trying to open the game. Solution 2: Check Windows permissions and file reads, it can be any file, whether from the data folder or from some mod. I always recommend using GTA in Documents and not Program Files, fix this and other problems. Solution 3: If it crashed when selecting the radio "User Tracks", update your CLEO version, this bug was already fixed, or delete the file "sa-utrax.dat" from the folder "Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files". It is also possible that some .mp3 there is with the wrong encoding, GTA SA only accepts the MP3 LAME format. Solution 4: If SAMP crashed, check if "SAMP Fix" is marked in the ImVehFt .ini. Or if any files needed for SAMP to work are missing (in this case reinstalling SAMP will help) Solution 5: If you see followed by an error window "std.asi: translator.SteupASI failed to identify caller ASI", it is because it was incompatibility of one .asi with another, mods .asi that modify the same thing as the other. I believe this was once due to vehlightsfix.asi along with silentpatch.asi, as they both fix some of the same things, but that was just a guess and also just an example. Problem 6: Action_x86.dll incompatible with ntdll.dll. Solution 6: Switch to 32-bit color resolution. Problem 7: When entering an interior? According to Luiz Felipe, possibly you use the mod HiDefCam.asi, took a photo with the streaming memory (stream memory) at the limit and then entered an interior where it caused the crash. Solution 7: Uninstall HiDefCam.asi. Problem 8: After minimizing the game? Solution 8: Pause the game before minimizing, or if you have already paused it, it could be the mod SAGrading (colorcycle). Solution 9: Try installing Improved Fastloader. Solution 10: The stream.ini file is missing from the game folder. Solution 11: Don't use special characters (no punctuation etc) in the game folder name or somewhere along the path. Also don't go too long. Has already been fixed after removing characters [ and . of the game folder name, but it is not exactly known if this was the problem, or if the path was too long, or if it was some Windows bug etc. Solution 12: If it was during user tracks: Go to "Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks" and check for corrupted music files or any other file other than mp3 format. Also try installing the newest Windows Media Player from "Add or Remove Features" or Microsoft's website. Solution 13: Skin Selector may randomly cause an error reading the .img file when opening the game, just open it again and it will not cause the problem, it is not yet known exactly what causes this. !!! Translation may be wrong !!!
  3. Nikalay_Bobrov

    Как скачать?

    Можете кто нибудь дать ссылку на скачку игры прошлая ссылка недействительна, а на сайт меня не пускает((
  4. Nikalay_Bobrov


    Никнейм Вашего персонажа: Nikalay_BobrovНикнейм персонажа на которого подается жалоба: Kisaki_Hyakkimaru Подробно суть жалобы: Музыка Доказательства:
  5. Здравствуйте разработчики, раньше скачивал игру через вк теперь эта ссылка недействительна. Что делать?